Sustrans is the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle.


We are engineers and educators, experts and advocates. We connect people and places, create liveable neighbourhoods, transform the school run and deliver a happier, healthier commute.


Sustrans works in partnership, bringing people together to find the right solutions.

We make the case for walking and cycling by using robust evidence and showing what can be done.


We are grounded in communities and believe that grassroots support combined with political leadership drives real change, fast.

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Sustrans work in schools

Sustrans helps hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the UK to travel actively and safely to school or to college.

We are working with Local Authorities, schools and teachers to increase active travel to school. Through our school's officer model we implement engaging and effective programmes designed to embed a culture of active travel amongst the entire school community.

Transforming the school run

The school run is a major source of congestion during the morning peak, with as many as one in four cars on the road taking children to school.

One quarter of primary schools are in areas that breach the legal limits for nitrogen dioxide, which stunts children's growth and increases risk of asthma and lung cancer.

Childhood obesity is at record levels while school transport budgets are facing an unprecedented squeeze.

Increasing levels of active travel offers a solution to all of these challenges.

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Sustrans in Bedfordshire


Sustrans has been involved in projects promoting active and sustainable travel in Bedfordshire for over ten years.


During this time, we have worked with many local schools, transforming the school run. Our four experienced schools officers currently engage with over 50 schools. Our projects are supported by Luton Borough Council, Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council.

We also have officers working alongside workplaces and communities, including a new Access to Stations project focused around the Thameslink route.


Sustrans operates the popular Travel Choices Hub in Dunstable, offering travel advice and support to residents.

All our officers have up-to-date DBS checks and are qualified to support training in cycling on roads, maintenance, safeguarding.