Prizes and Competitions 

Bike It crews can win all kinds of great things for their school or prizes for their hard work. Check this page for the latest competitions. 

The Big Pedal

Monday 25th March to Friday 5th April 2019

Every year over 1,500 schools take part in the biggest walking, cycling and scooting challenge in the UK. Make sure your school signs up. Each day, if your school has over 15% of pupils cycling and scooting, they are entered into a draw to win a fantastic prize. In 2017, pupils travelled 3 million miles during the two week challenge, the equivalent of 119 trips around the world. Locally, Fairfield Park Lower School, All Saints Academy Dunstable and Etonbury Academy have been among the top three performing schools in the country.

The Santa Challenge

Just before Christmas, we set schools the challenge of travelling virtually the 2,056 miles between Bedfordshire and Lapland. Each time they walked, scooted or cycled to school, they counted up their journeys, contributing towards each school's total. In 2018, over 5,000 pupils in Bedfordshire took part, travelling a combined total of 136,000 miles, which is five and a half trips around the world.

Biggleswade Green Man

Biggleswade has its Green Wheel, but during October 2017, it had 26 Green Men. Children from local schools were challenged to find as many green men as possible. Each Green Man had a letter for the children to record on a sheet. Many children and their families got involved in this walking challenge.

Outdoor Explorer

Back in 2014, we set pupils from Dunstable and Houghton Regis the challenge of getting out and visiting local areas of interest. Children got bonus points if they went on foot or by bike. The Outdoor Explorer challenge might be over, but you can still visit many of the great places that are easily accessible on foot or by two wheels.