Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great starter for children in nursery and reception. They help develop fine and gross motor skills, so are a terrific resource for achieving curriculum outcomes at Foundation stage. Getting children on balance bikes early can help you identify pupils who might have dyspraxia and from then on, be a valuable tool to help them develop spacial confidence.

Sustrans can support your school in getting hold of balance bikes. Contact us to find out more. We can also arrange free half-termly loans from our fleet of balance bikes, which are in circulation around schools in Bedfordshire.


We have also produced this guide to balance bikes.

Session plans for balance biking can be varied: Example 1, Example 2Example 3 and Example 4.

If you do have balance bikes at your school, here is a quick safety check you can run on them. Contact us if you find a problem and we might be able to help or support.

An example balance bike risk assessment can be viewed here.


Go Ride Go

Developed by the Youth Sports Trust and British Cycling, this fantastic resource help kids make first steps onto balance and pedal bikes. There are a series of challenges as well as certificates that can be downloaded and printed. Register to get access to full resources.

If you are interested in British Cycling visiting your school for Go Ride Go balance sessions, contact Catherine Ruffley


Click here to view resource.


Balanceability is an accredited 'learn to cycle' programme for children aged 2½ to 6 years old. Teachers can attend an instructors training day so they can deliver the Balanceability programme to pupils. However, we feel the bikes that are provided in the package are not robust enough to be used in schools. We recommend Frog Bikes, IslaBikes, Zooom or Ridgeback.


Click here to read an article about Balanceability.

Click here to see their pack offers.

Contact Michelle Carter at Bikertots, who is a Balanceability instructor based in Shefford. If you want to see how it works, pop along to her popular Saturday morning classes at Shefford Lower School.