Road Safety

Road safety is an issue for everyone and if everyone does their bit, there isn't a problem. What this means is road users looking, taking their time so they can take in all the information that is available to them and making good decisions basrd upon that information.

Road Safety Week happens in November, which is a great time to talk about it at schools as the nights draw in and affect the journey home.

However, we feel strongly that sessions should facilitate road confidence, allowing pupils to make their own decisions.

The charity Brake co-ordinate Road Safety Week and they always produce some good resources for schools. 

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In 2019, the theme is Step Up For Safer Streets. Pupils can think about how streets can be made safer and what they can do to make this happen.

Think about borrowing SID (Speed Indicator Device) from Bedfordshire Police. You can take small groups of pupils out to collect data. Learning could include: acceleration and deceleration; mean, mode and median; highest/lowest; and how long would it take to complete a journey at a certain speed.

Think about the speed limit where you will be working. Some SIDs are set at 30mph, but you could ask for a variable speed SID for 20mph or 40mph roads.

You can also run playground SID sessions. Here pupils can run, scoot or cycle to activate SID and find out how fast they can travel using various modes. Don't forget to discuss how fast traffic goes on roads though. Do ask for a variable speed SID for this though and set it to 20mph.

Risk assessments need to consider the walk from school as well as the activity itself. An example walk risk assessment can be found here. An on-road risk assessment SID risk assessment can be found here. The off-road SID risk assessment example can be found here.

Be Bright assemblies offer an opportunity to spread some key messages to the whole school quickly. An example assembly can be found here.

In-class road safety workshops put the children in charge. They can be a really effective tool to discuss road safety issues in more depth and give pupils the confidence to make good decisions. A lesson plan can be found here (Y3/4) and here (Y5).

An updated 2018 workshop is available here.

For older children, why not view some of these road safety films and ask pupils to discuss:

1. what is the message the film is trying to convey?

2. is the film effective at conveying that message?

3. what would they have done differently?

Before setting them the task (in groups) to come up with a plan of how they would produce a short road safety film targeted at improving road safety around the school.

Contact us to adapt this road safety film competition for your school.

Do get in touch if you would like to borrow one of our egg helmets.  

Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council both offer Junior Road Safety Officer schemes, which schools may want to get involved with:

Central Bedfordshire JRSO scheme

Luton JRSO scheme

More information about how Bedford Borough schools can get road safety support from the council can be found here.


Bike Smart video for kids

Play this KS1 road safety game

Spot driver distractions in this game.

Have a go at predicting stopping speeds of cars here.