Fixing Bikes & Scooters

A big barrier for active travel is if your bike or scooter is broken. That's why we run Dr Bike and Dr Scoot sessions at schools. As relevant is passing on skills enabling pupils, teaching staff, parents and volunteers in fixing their own bikes and scooters. Get in touch if you want to borrow bike stands, tools, mats or bikes to work from. If you want to set up a long-term project, perhaps you can ask parents for old bikes or scooters for pupils to work on?

Scooters: we've produced a handy guide for checking scooters here. The You Tube clip below shows how to 'dial' a scooter. Why not run an after school workshop based around this clip? Pupils will think you are the best teacher ever and it teaches some great mechanical and problem-solving skills. It's particularly good for engaging those that don't do well in mainstream education, providing a sense of achievement.

Bikes: we have guides for fixing punctures  and doing M-checks. You can also check out this bike mech course from Sustrans.

This Check Your Bike is Safe to Ride guide is part of Sustrans' Get Going series.

Targeted Lesson Plans

Targeted at Y2/3

  • DIY Scooter: can you spot what is not right with a scooter? Focuses on an L-check to make sure everything is safe. Practical focuses on finding and fixing faults. Provides the chance to using an Allen key to make simple fixes (half or whole class in pairs; 30 mins). Here is a session plan.

Targeted at Y4/5

  • DIY Bike: can you spot what is wrong with a bike? Focuses on an M-check to make sure everything is safe. Practical focuses on finding and fixing faults. Provides the opportunity to use tools to fix a broken bike (max 15 children in three groups; 50 mins/1hr). Session plan link and resource sheet link.

Targeted at Y4/5/6

  • Puncture Repair: a specific puncture repair session where pupils working in pairs learn how to fix a puncture using a repair kit (whole class; 50 mins/1 hr). Session plan link

Targeted at Y6+

  • Build a Bike: an in-depth bike mech session where participants get a chance to put a bike together and disassemble it. Great for those with an interest in engineering or who struggle with typical academic work (max 9; 2/3 hours depending on age/how in-depth the session is). Session plan link and risk assessment link.


Dr Bike

The mechanics listed below can help with a Dr Bike. Typically, they charge £20-30 per hour. An example parent letter can be found here. A poster for you to fill in and display is here. An example parents' letter for you to customise is here. An example risk assessment, which can be shared with the mechanic, is here.

DTS (Darryl Shields), Stotfold 07754 099408

Chiltern Cycle Hub (Andrew Hetherington), Ivinghoe
07973 219750

Chris Wilkinson, Luton, 07460 292392

MBRS (Sam Darling), Leighton Buzzard 07736 674410

CycleTech UK (Mike Hanham), Pitstone, 07763 854778


Dr Scoot

Checking scooters is quite simple and spare parts are available reasonably cheaply through, or

Link to a poster for Dr Scoot.

Risk assessment for Dr Scoot is here.

Parents' letter here.

Check out the L-check guide here.

Don't forget to watch the You Tube video about how to dial a scooter here.

Why not get some older children to take charge of checking scooters?


Video Clips

Have a look at the clips below for advice on fixing punctures and performing an m-check.