Independent Travel Planning

Moving on to your next school is always a big step. For pupils it is a chance to assert their independence and one of the ways they can do this is by getting to school on their own or with friends. It's important that both pupils and parents are confident. Our independent travel planning sessions are a key part of transition planning in many schools in Central Bedfordshire.

The session is best done in a classroom. The presentation can be found here

If you have active travel maps of your town, print them out for each pupil (A3 if you can). Some can be found here.

Take a screenshot and include in the presentation. Each pupils can put a blob using the interactive white-board indicating where they live. This helps them see where their friends live relative to their current and future school. Perhaps they can discuss walking or cycling together.

The lesson plan can be found here.

For older children:

Have a quick refresher on OS maps (using it to find features, how does a key work, what is scale). Get them to plan a route and estimate how long it will take. The map does not have to be local. It can sometimes be more fun if pupils are working with areas they are unfamiliar with. They can work in small groups. If the school does not have OS maps, you can borrow them from a local library.

Using computers or tablets can add another dimension. You can set some tasks in Google Maps, get children to look at satellite images and street view. This can also be fun homework for them. See if they can plan a journey on Google maps. For some destination ideas, you can print out and cut up these. Pupils can choose the most appropriate and sustainable journeys to each.