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Yearly Planner (new) - use it to plan activities

This section is based around activities run by our colleagues in Cambridgeshire. We will be adding and amending to this section, so if you can't find what you need, get in touch and we can send over the relevant documents.

Activities Offered to Central Bedfordshire Schools

Air pollution


Assemblies & Other Presentations

Balance Sessions

The Sustrans Big Pedal

Bike Club

Bike Maths

Bike Mech

Bike Polo

Bike Rides

Bike Skills

Bike to School Week

Build a Bike

Dr Bike

Dr Scoot


Go Ride

Green Man

Healthy Heart

Independent Travel Planning

Learn to Ride

Olympic Sessions


Playground Street Design

Road Safety Week

Santa Challenge

Security Marking


Smoothie Bike

Space Challenge

Spotty Bling

Tactical Urbanism

Teacher Training

Walking (including Walk to School Week)

Template Letters to parents


Letters can be edited with dates, locations and any information needed that is specific to your school. 
(Based around Gemma's & Eric's schools in Peterborough.)

Dr Bike
Cycle Skills
Balance Bike Skills
Off Stabilisers

Scoot Skills

Obstacle Course

Learn to ride KS2

Based around Craig's and Will's schools in Cambridgeshire

Dr Bike
Cycle Skills
Balance Bike Skills

Off Stabilisers

Scoot Skills

Risk Assessments

We write a risk assessment for the majority of the activities we run with schools. Below are some example risk assessments. You may wish to use these as a basis for your own, copying and pasting details as appropriate.

(Based around Gemma's & Eric's schools in Peterborough.)

GH-ES001v3 Learn to ride

GH-ES002Av3 Scooter It

GH-ES002v3 Playground Cycle Skills

GH-ES003Av3 M & ABC checks (on bikes & scooters)

GH-ES003v4 Dr Bike

GH-ES004v3 Bling it

GH-ES005v3 Smoothie Bike

GH-ES006v3 Bike Inner tube bracelets

GH-ES007v3 Human Animated Bike

GH-ES008v3 Bike Safety Board Games

GH-ES009v2 Bike themed Christmas card

GH-ES010v2 Puncture repair

GH-ES011v2 Tyre inflation race

GH-ES012v3 Playground obstacle course

GH-ES013v3 Balance Bikes

GH-ES0014v1 Pedestrian Training



Activity guides

Cycling for PE  (run your own bike skills sessions just like we do)

Balance Bike Skills (run your own bike skills sessions just like we do with this guide)
Stabiliser Free Skills (run your own bike skills sessions just like we do with this guide)        


Dr Bike: Bike safety checks guide (ABCss guide that anyone can use)        
Bike safety checks guide 2 (M check to go with video)

Big Pedal Guide (loads of great hints and tips)

Classroom resources & assemblies

Bringing active travel into the classroom and linking it to the curriculum can be engaging for pupils.

Curriculum poster to use information on sustainable journeys in class

Sustrans Bike Safety Board Games (developed by Sacred Heart R.C Primary

Human Animated Bike (developed with pupils at Woodston Primary)

Science: Action and Reaction involved in pumping up a Bicycle tyre (developed     for Engineering/Science days

How to identify parts on a bicycle and PPT Bike Maintenance (developed for KS1 Transport topic) 

How did you travel to school today (useful if studying Transport or ‘Be safe and Be Seen’)

Smoothies Galore (Dragons Den style activity) Will need to book our Smoothie Bike for this          activity.

Bike Inner tube Bracelets (Can be tied into Recycling curriculum)

Cress Bike, Walking Shoes and Scooters

Be Bright Be Seen (ppt for assemblies)

Big Street Survey (2 hour lesson plan)

Cycle Safety (ppt for assemblies)

Journeys to School (ppt for assemblies)

5 Small Steps (5 activities over 5 days to have an amazing week on sustainable journeys)

Guides for parents

Parents often ask for advice and information. Some of these sheets might be useful if they do.

Bikes guide (advice on buying a child appropriate bike)
Scooter guide (a few tips and a link to a great video on scooters)

Balance bikes guide (why balance bikes are better than stabilisers)
Bike safety checks guide (ABCs guide that anyone can use)
Bike safety checks guide 2 (M check to go with video)

Posters for displays

To promote events and get the best numbers possible (most effective when Bike It crew make their own posters)       

Be Bright, Be Seen

Bike Buying

Scooter Buying

Big Pedal posters & guides


These will be updated soon for Big Pedal 2018

Big Pedal tips and advice

Breakfast poster

Sustrans bear poster

Big Pedal 2017 Powerpoint

School Mark

For more details about School Mark, see here.

School Mark is a great way to encourage schools to promote Active and Sustainable Travel.

Full PDF Booklet with ticklist (bronze - gold)
Bronze Application (fill in your evidence for each criteria)

Silver Application (fill in your evidence for each criteria)

For gold please contact us for more details.


Guides for Bronze School Mark criteria

A1: Active travel policy    
A2: Becoming a school champion 
B1: Read Assemblies guide
B2: Request some maps from Travel Choices, the local council or your Bike It officers. Take a look at our maps page
Set up a Park & Stride zone using nearby car parks

B3: Bike It noticeboard and webpage guide
B4: See our 'posters' section above or have pupils make their own
C1: Cycle and scooter storage guide
C2: See our bike safety checks guides in 'Bike It activities guides' above and book a Dr bike or a safety check training session
C3: Year 5 and 6 can do Bikeability
C4: See our Bike It crew page or read involving pupils in decision making
D1: Whole school activities from our Activities List: Introduction assembly, be bright be seen, dress bright competition, Dr Bike, The Big Pedal, bling it, breakfast 
E1: To produce a great school travel plan speak to Charlotte Secker (Central Bedfordshire Council), Nazia Mahboob (Luton Borough Council)
E2: See our volunteers page and read Engaging with parents
E3: Hands Up Survey PDF or Interactive Powerpoint
E4: Cycle and scoot counts keep a Bike It crew busy all year and collect essential data