Top 10 questions we get asked about Sustrans Schools Projects


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Does Sustrans do Bikeability?

We work with the school all year to increase sustainable journeys. We do not offer Bikeability training, although we work closely alongside Bikeability providers. This might mean running a Dr Bike or an assembly prior to a Bikeability course at the school. Many of the activities we run can encourage uptake onto Bikeability courses. These include balance bike loans and sessions, learn to ride, Scootability and bike skills sessions. We can build confidence following Bikeability with led rides and cycling clubs, so that pupils continue to use their Bikeability skills.


Is there any cost to the school?

There is no cost to the school at any time for any event. Our projects are funded by the Department of Transport's Access Fund for Sustainable Travel through Luton Borough Council, Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council.


What do you do at schools?

Activities and events that promote cycling, scooting and walking to school. Reduce barriers, increase skills and confidence, promote safety, create a posive image around active travel, reduce parental concerns.


What are the key benefits to schools taking part?

Reduced congestion at the school gate, healthier and more alert pupils, higher exam results, safer and cleaner school environment, increased interaction with parents, fun activities that teaching staff can also enjoy. 


Can my school get involved?

We take on new schools all year round and are keen to work with any school dedicated to increasing walking, scooting and cycling. However, we do tend to concentrate on aquiring schools in specific areas and our council funders do provide target lists, so do get in touch to see how best we can support you. 


How do we get Sustrans to work with our school?

After meeting to discuss how best we could support you and answer any questions you may have, we sign an agreement form and then we're ready to go. An introduction assembly and a travel survey usually follow soon afterwards. 


How long do you work with a school?

We work with schools throughout the school year and there is currently no set period of time on when to stop supporting schools. However, we do aim to provide schools with the necessary experience, tools and training to run similar events themselves.  


How much time will you spend at our school?

Newer schools and more experienced ones require different demands on our time. Typically, newer schools spend about three days a term on events/activities. More experienced schools may spend the same amount of time, but may run some events and activities themselves. 


What are the time requirements for school staff?

Each school names a staff member or two as 'School Champion'. It becomes their responsibility to communicate and work with the Sustrans Officer. This typically entails a few emails per term, planning meetings and time to arrange events within the school. 


Who decides what activities to run and when?

Schools and Sustrans Officers discuss what is best and create tailored programmes for each school. We appreciate teachers who use their expert knowledge to adapt activities or suggest tie-ins to existing ones run at the school.