Be Safe Be Seen Be Secure

Safety on and close to the roads is everybody's responsibility.

That includes us, people in cars, passengers in cars, parents, teachers, the council, police and the government.

We can try and influence good behaviour in others, but we definitely can do some things that help us to stay safe.

Contact your local Sustrans officer to organise a Road Safety Assembly or a series of Road Safety Workshops at your school.


If you have any concerns, get in touch and we can see if we can sort things out in association with the local council.

Be Safe


We can strive to be responsible road users. Good behaviour encourages more good behaviour. Be aware and confident. Use your eyes and ears to help you make good decisions.

Cycle Safe, Ride Well is a leaflet to help you be road aware and confident on a bike.


Click here for road safety for cyclists advice

Check out the helmet guide
(right) from NHTS. Wearing a helmet when cycling is your (and your parents') choice. However, there are good reasons to wear helmets (and we wear our helmets when we are riding).

For older children, read this advice on Effective Traffic Riding from British Cycling

Watch and listen to this Road Safety song

Click here for Think! Road safety games 

Try this interactive video

Download this Jeopardy style Bike It knowledge game (Powerpoint)

Download our ABCss check poster on doing a bike safety check

Find out what you would learn during your Bikeability course

Check out this scooting video from Terry Price for scooting safely

Test your knowledge of car stopping distances

Be Seen

School uniforms are often bold colours so they are easily identifiable and seen. Sometimes our coats can be bright too.

Outer clothes, bags and shoes sometimes come with reflective detailing. Even if that is small, it can be effective on a moving body.

You can also wear a reflective slap-band around your wrist or ankle.

Wear something bright for day, wear something refelective for night. Remember, your bike must have a rear reflector at all times and lights at night.

Take a look at this interesting Lights and clothing video. Makes you think...


Download this Be Bright powerpoint to learn the 4 key ingredients to being seen.

Try these Be Bright games.


Play around with this interactive learning tool.

Be Secure

It's a really bad feeling when we go back for our bike or scooter and it's not where we left it.
Click here for
bike security advice.

Advice on locking your bike or scooter at school

1. Walk to the bike shed - school grounds can be busy, so cycling on school grounds is tricky. Teachers and parents don't like it.


2. If you park your bike in the opposite direction to the bike on the same hoop so the handlebars don't get tangled.


3. Lock the frame to the hoop or a sturdy object. Metal D-locks are the best and you can often leave these in the bike shed to save you carrying it around.

4. Take your helmet with you - leaving it in the bike shed could trip someone and damage your helmet.


Parking your scooter in the bike racks can cause difficulty for bikers. Ask for scooter parking if there is none. Specific scooter racks have holes for cable locks. You may wish to lock your scooter with a cable lock. Remember, some scooters, like Madd Gear (MGP) and Sacrifice scooters, are expensive and worth looking after.

Why not ask your school to run a police bike and scooter security marking event? The school can contact the local PCSO, who will arrange a date to come to the school to mark bikes and scooters with your house number and postcode. The school can even invite parents to get their bikes marked as well.

Police security marking acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves and means recovered property can be easily returned to owners.